Maintenance Program

Our Maintenance Program is a great way to keep your vehicle in showroom condition. This plan features some great services on a regular basis at great prices. Maintenance Detailing is just that - a detailing program designed for your vehicle to maintain its condition as if it were just detailed inside and out.

Ever dreamed of looking out and seeing your vehicle looking as good or better than when you first purchased it? The dream can become reality with our maintenance program. Plus, our plan comes with amazing benefits.

Our Maintenance Program Services

  • Express Full Detail
  • Premium Wash, Detailed Vacuum and Express Wax every 2 weeks
  • Each visit, your vehicle is thoroughly cleaned inside and out
  • Express carnauba based wax application
  • Every 3 months vehicles paint is decontaminated and a premium carnauba based wax is applied for 3 months protection - free of charge

So basically, you receive an Express Full Detail to start, a Premium Wash, Vacuum and Express Wax every 2 weeks and a premium carnauba based wax service every three months.

This plan requires an initial setup fee, then a weekly fee per visit - either by week, bi-weekly or once a month.

Pricing and times are based on normal wear and condition of the vehicle. Excessively dirty vehicles will be priced accordingly. Large trucks, vans and SUV's are more. Additional services can be added to upgrade any detail request