Headlight Restoration

Headlight Restoration is a very important maintenance step to keeping you safe. If your headlamps are dull or glazed over, it's difficult to see properly at night.

We've all seen how these "plastic" type headlamp lenses can become scratched and fogged over. The old Glass lenses of years ago were easier to keep clean, but, unfortunately were easier to break. As a result, the auto manufacturers all went to the plastic style lenses. Plus, the plastic ones are probably easier to mold the design they wanted. Even washing your car and lenses doesn't prevent the outer surface from getting scratched, foggy and dull over time.

At C and A Auto Detailing, we know how to get that clean lens look back for you. Here's before and after pictures. Next time you walk past the front of your car, take a look at those headlamps and see if you need us to help you see at night again!

Left Before
Left After
Right Before
Right After

Headlamps Before CleaningHeadlamps Before Cleaning - See how foggy they are

Headlamps repairedRepaired Headlamps are so much cleaner and brighter at night

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Pricing and times are based on normal wear and condition of the vehicle. Excessively dirty vehicles will be priced accordingly. Large trucks, vans and SUV's are more. Additional services can be added to upgrade any detail request