Exterior Detailing

Exterior Detailing is a feature all on its own. If a vehicle has been maintained and clean, many customers request this feature to keep it maintained. This will require usually 2-3 hours.

Services Performed in an Exterior Detailing of your vehicle

  • Remove License plate, clean area and re-install license plate.
  • Prep, pretreat body for bug and tar removal, bird droppings, tree sap and fallout.
  • Foam body and hand wash, rinse
  • Clay bar treatment for decontamination of bonded contaminants followed by an IPA wash
  • Decontamination of iron deposits (hard water stains) followed by an IPA wipe down
  • Application of carnauba based wax and sealant for 3 month protection
  • Thorough degreasing, cleaning and dressing of wheels, wheel wells and tires
  • Cleaning and dressing of rubber trim and plastics
  • Thorough cleaning of windows and protection
  • Apply showroom shine for added protection and final wipe down
  • Choice of fragrance

Pricing and times are based on normal wear and condition of the vehicle. Excessively dirty vehicles will be priced accordingly. Large trucks, vans and SUV's are more. Additional services can be added to upgrade any detail request