Detailing your vehicle in Texarkana, TX at C and A Auto Detailing will make you proud of your vehicle again. We have an extensive process for this feature. We'll list the techniques and process for you. This is a very thorough system. Depending on your vehicles age and how well it has been maintained will determine if this is the right first step for you.

  • Pressure Wash - For the fastest removal of stubborn dirt and debris. Special care is taken to ensure your vehicles safety when pressure washing.
  • Foam Bath - Use of copious amounts of thick foam that slowly dissolves, releases and lifts most dirt and grime that has bonded to the exterior surfaces while lubricating the paint for a smooth wash.
  • Wash - Use of high quality formulated soap and wash mitts to avoid introducing more scratches and swirls - many times caused by drive thru car washes.
  • Hand and Blown Air Drying - Use of compressed air for cracks and crevices, and wheels, etc. along with soft microfiber towels to ensure no further damage to your vehicles paint and glass.
  • Chemical Decontamination - Application of chemical degreaser, road tar and bug remover and iron remover (for hard water spots). Contaminants can become embedded into your paint - this step removes them.
  • Clay Bar Treatment - A mechanical decontamination in which a sticky, highly tactile synthetic putty is massaged into your vehicle's paint physically removing embedded contaminants in your vehicle's paint finish.
  • Single Stage Polish - Use of a scratch and swirl remover applied by machine that creates a mirror like finish in one step. This polish uses diminishing abrasive technology to remove light swirls, scratches, minor imperfections and oxidation, creating a mirror like finish.
  • Multi-Stage Polish - A multi-step process where different grades of premium compounds and polishes remove heavier oxidation, swirls and scratches to achieve a better deeper shine.
  • Sealants - Sealants are liquid products that contain sophisticated polymers, resins and synthetics to mimic the properties of carnauba based waxes, but with a greater longevity of protection that applied before waxing locks in the correction.
  • Waxes - Wax features a specific ratio of synthetic and naturally occurring carnauba as the main ingredient. They offer a wetter, more glossy shine than paint sealants.
  • Trim Restoration and Protection - Over time, window trim, rubber and plastic trim oxidizes and fades due to harmful UV rays and ever changing weather. Light polishing and conditioning with trim restorer and protectant restores lost color and luster.
  • Hydophobic Interior Protection - Usage of advanced products to protect fabric and leather from being absorbed, stained or introduced into upholstery for easier removal and cleanup.
  • Ceramic Coating - Ceramic coating is not a sealant of wax, but instead it's a hydrophobic silicone dioxide glass type finish that protects your vehicle's paint and clear coat from damage caused by tree sap, road tar, salt, bug etchings, oil and several other environmental hazards.

Pricing and times are based on normal wear and condition of the vehicle. Excessively dirty vehicles will be priced accordingly. Large trucks, vans and SUV's are more. Additional services can be added to upgrade any detail request